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Hecht Family Therapy of San Francisco: marriage, family and individual therapy. Professional psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy, relationship problems.

  • Problems with relationships
  • Help with fears and anxieties
  • Assertiveness training
  • Insight about client's motivations
  • Work and career issues
This website contains information on San Francisco area family counseling, family therapy, San Francisco psychotherapy, bay area psychology, San Francisco marriage counseling. San Francisco counseling, group counseling, depression counseling, San Francisco anxiety counseling, divorce counseling, child therapy, or San Francisco marital therapy.

Therapy Services

Providing therapy services in San Francisco California: Individuals therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, assertiveness training, stress and anxiety management, divorce recovery, life transitions, anger management and grief counseling.

Problems & Disorders

Self-esteem issues, relationship problems, depression, anxiety, stress or guilt, parenting issues, procrastination issues, problems picking a mate, assertiveness issues, controlling bad habits and working family issues.

About Patricia Hecht, MFT
Therapist Patricia Hecht, MFT - Professional Services
Providing services for marriage therapy, psychotherapy, couples counseling, family therapy, relationship problems.

Serves all of San Francisco California.

Therapy News Topics
Current information and news topics.

Questions About Therapy & Therapist Patricia Hecht, MFT
Your questions and answers about Patricia Hecht's professional psychotherapy practice.

Patient Issues, Conditions & Therapy Client Types
Types of therapy patients, problems and issues

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Assertiveness Training

Techniques that train people how to be appropriately assertive in social situations; often included as part of health behavior modification programs, on the assumption that some poor health habits, such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, develop in part to control difficulties in being appropriately assertive.

Divorce Therapy

Included topics in this San Francisco therapy category are divorce, family problems, talking openly with my kids, separation, guilt, acting out, sharing feelings, communication, punishment, fighting, honesty, self-control, sensitivity, time to heal, support groups, friendships, counseling, confidants, abuse, loyalty, single parents, family changes, my family is different and expectations.

Family Therapy

Included topics are poor communication, inability to resolve conflicts and disagreements, poor problem-solving, poor division of responsibilities, insufficient emotional support, intolerance of differences, overdependency on others and chronic crises.

Individual Therapy

Topics for services addressing a variety of problems and concerns which may include depression, anxieties and fears, self-esteem issues, interpersonal conflicts, career issues, eating disorders, stress management, family conflicts, physical/emotional/sexual abuse, and other distressing conditions.

Marriage Counseling

Included topics are marriage therapy, marriage therapist , problems, marriage problems, marital problems, divorce, love, intimacy, marital counseling, conflict, psychology and marital advice.

Stress Treatment and Anxiety Therapy

Included topics are anxiety disorders, anxiety, stress, panic phobia, phobias, counseling, cognitive therapy, mental health therapy, tension and tense fear.

Anger Management Therapy

Issues and topics include angry outbursts, workplace problems, dealing with frustration, how to express anger in an  appropriate manner in relationships and how to manage conflicts.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder treatment

Topics include anxiety, irrational thoughts, compulsive rituals, irrational obsessions, dealing with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

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San Francisco Marriage and Family Therapist
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