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In assertiveness training, Patricia teaches San Francisco patients how to express feelings honestly, directly and non-critically. Assertiveness training shows you how to ask for what you need without apologizing or feeling defensive. Assertiveness training and therapy can help you:

  • Recognize that you're avoiding situations because of a fear of criticism
  • Overcome passivity because you're afraid of making other people mad
  • Stop measuring your self-worth by what others think of you
  • Feel more in control because you're not worried about how other people will judge you
  • Assert yourself effectively without being critical of others
  • Function more effectively and meet your goals in life
  • Assertiveness issues




Many people have difficulty speaking up in conflict situations. Others may feel intimidated by pushy people, or have low self-esteem and regularly put aside their own desires in favor of what others want. This can result in a variety of psychological problems, especially depression, with feelings of low self-esteem and helplessness. Lack of assertiveness makes you feel powerless. Psychologists use assertiveness training, which is a behavioral technique, combined with traditional psychotherapy, to help you develop the necessary social skills to manage interpersonal situations more effectively, and to feel better about yourself in those interpersonal situations. In particular, assertiveness training teaches you how to refuse unreasonable requests from others, how to assert your rights in a non-aggressive manner, and how to negotiate to get what you want in your relationships with others.

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