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Agreement for Psychotherapy Services


All information disclosed within sessions and the written records pertaining to those sessions are confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your (client’s) written permission, except where disclosure is required by law.

When Disclosure Is Required By Law: Some of the circumstances where disclosure is required by the law are: where there is a reasonable suspicion of child, dependent or elder abuse or neglect; where a client presents a danger to self, to others, to property, or is gravely disabled.

When Disclosure May Be Required: Disclosure may be required pursuant to a legal proceeding. If you place your mental status at issue in litigation initiated by you, the defendant may have the right to obtain the psychotherapy records and/or testimony by Patricia Hecht. In couple and family therapy, Patricia Hecht will not release records to any outside party unless she is authorized to do so by all adult family members who were part of the treatment.

Health Insurance & confidentiality of records: Disclosure of confidential information may be required by your health insurance carrier or PPO in order to process the claims. If you instruct Patricia Hecht only the minimum necessary information will be communicated to the carrier. Patricia Hecht has no control or knowledge over what insurance companies do with the information she submits or who has access to this information. You must be aware that submitting a mental health invoice for reimbursement carries a certain amount of risk to confidentiality and privacy. Considering all of the above exclusions, if it is still appropriate, upon your request, Patricia Hecht will release information to any agency/person you specify.

Telephone & Emergency Procedures:

If you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911 instead of our answering service. If you need to contact Patricia Hecht between sessions, please leave a message with the answering service (415) 354-4718 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and your call will be returned as soon as possible. Patricia Hecht receives her messages promptly.

Payments & Insurance Reimbursement:

Fee for service is is due at the time of the session. Patricia Hecht will provide you with an invoice that you may submit for reimbursment to your insurance company.

The Process of Therapy - Evaluation:

Participation in therapy can result in a number of benefits to you, including improving interpersonal relationships and resolution of the specific concerns that led you to seek therapy. Working toward these benefits; however, requires effort on your part. Psychotherapy requires your very active involvement, honesty, and openness in order to change your thoughts, feelings and/or behavior. Sometimes more than one approach can be helpful in dealing with a specific situation. During the course of therapy, Patricia Hecht is likely to draw on various psychological approaches according, in part, to the problem that is being treated and her assessment of what will best benefit you. These approaches include behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, existential, system/family, developmental (adult, child, family), or psycho-educational.

Discussion of Treatment Plan: Within a reasonable period of time after the initiation of treatment, Patricia Hecht will discuss with you (client) her working understanding of the problem, treatment plan, therapeutic objectives and her view of the possible outcomes of treatment. If you have any unanswered questions about any of the procedures used in the course of your therapy, their possible risks, Patricia Hecht’s expertise in employing them, or about the treatment plan, please ask and you with be answered fully. You also have the right to ask about other treatments for your condition and their risks and benefits. If you could benefit from any treatment that Patricia Hecht does not provide, she has an ethical obligation to assist you in obtaining those treatments.

Termination: As set forth above, as soon as it is appropriate, Patricia Hecht will assess if she can be of benefit to you. Patricia Hecht does not accept clients who, in her opinion, she cannot help. If at any point during psychotherapy Patricia Hecht assesses that she is not effective in helping you reach the therapeutic goals she is obligated to discuss it with you and, if appropriate, to terminate treatment. In such a case, she would attempt to give you a number of referrals that may be of help to you. If you request it and authorize it in writing, Patricia Hecht will talk to the psychotherapist of your choice in order to help with the transition. You have the right to terminate therapy at any time.

Dual Relationships: Therapy never involves sexual or business relationships or any other dual relationship that impairs Patricia Hecht’s objectivity, clinical judgment, therapeutic effectiveness or can be exploitative in nature.


Since scheduling of an appointment involves the reservation of time specifically for you, a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) notice is required for re-scheduling or canceling an appointment. The full fee will be charged for sessions missed without such notification. Most insurance companies do not reimburse for missed sessions.



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