San Francisco Family Therapy

Issues of San Francisco Clients & Patients

Providing help for our San Francisco patients

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy with individuals of all ages including small children, elderly, couples, and family groups
  • Short term therapy
  • Intensive long term therapy
  • Insight therapy
  • Outsource resource to companies for employers having difficulties in life that affect full functioning at work
  • Decision making
  • Helping people see other options in life
  • Limit setting and boundary setting
  • Assertiveness training
  • Career decisions/changes
  • How to pick a mate
  • Strategies for successful relationships
  • Interventions to help with self-destructive behavior
  • Consultation with psychiatrist in cases of medically treated depression or other mental disorders
  • Finding outlets for creativity
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Strategies to build self-esteem
  • Panic attack and anxiety disorder treatment - referral to physician as necessary
  • Mood swings
  • Getting along with your family and spouses
  • Getting along with adult children and their mates
  • Treating issues in step-families
  • Helping parents help kids with homework without conflict

Therapy Clients - Couples, Families & Individuals

  • Couples therapy for those who have difficulty communicating
  • Couples who fight and argue about money
  • Couples who do not enjoy each other's company
  • Couples who argue and fight on vacation
  • Couples who fight and argue with their children
  • Couples who do not know how to express anger without hurting
  • Couples who disagree about raising their children
  • Couples who have difficulty communicating with their children
  • Couples who have difficulty communicating with extended family members
  • Couples who need help to get their children to do what is necessary
  • Couples who need help to get their children to follow the rules
  • Couples who are not interested in romance
  • Couples who need help balancing work and parenting
  • Individuals who have conflict with a difficult partner
  • Individuals who need help in job transitions
  • Individuals who need help to avoid procrastination
  • Individuals who need help controlling bad habits like overeating
  • Individuals who need help to assert themselves on the job or in relationships
  • Individuals who cannot succeed in the workplace
  • Individuals who need help to find a partner
  • Individuals who cannot form a lasting relationship. Individuals who need help to move on from a divorce
  • Individuals feeling depressed
  • Individuals who cannot control their anxiety
  • Individuals who have difficulty communicating with their family
  • Individuals who have problems dealing with their parents, family or partner
  • Individuals who have poor self-esteem and feel badly about themselves
  • Individuals who have a lot of guilt about themselves
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